Building 324

Welcome to Building 324 located at 324 E. Dewey Street / 325 E. Front Street in Buchanan, Michigan. 
This structure has housed many different businesses/organizations over its rich history within the community.  The building itself has transcended through the majority of Buchanan’s modern-day history.   Originally, the building was built by Clark Equipment Company in 1916.  Clark continued to own and operate the building up to the early 1990’s.  Many Clark employees referred to this location simply as “Building No. 2”.  In the early/mid 1990’s Carbon Waffle Company acquired the building and adapted it for waffle iron and mix production.  When Don Carbon sold the company in 1998 the business was moved to South Bend.  Building ownership was then transferred to the City of Buchanan until Kevin Barker purchased the building in 2003.  K. Barker Enterprises along with many Buchanan based businesses/organizations continued to operate out of the building until the spring of 2021 when Jessica & Randy Hendrixson purchased the building.  Currently, many of those businesses are still here along with plans to add several more businesses within the building.


The building now houses many different types of businesses. Many of which are in their first brick & mortar location. Everything from a Dog Grooming Salon, to a Daycare. Pickelball paddle and a magic prop manufactures. One of the oldest newspapers in the state of Michigan, along side a groovy vintage-inspired beverage serving company. Music lessons to accounting to therapy services are all available within the footprint of our building and so much more.

Building 324 Logo Mail

-Area Wide Protective
-Berrien County Record
-Ultimate Magic Productions
-TMPR Sports
-West End Graphics
-Britton's Private Studio
-RMB Creative
-Salas Studios
-Stiff Band

Building 324 Logo Mail

-Nulty Insurance
-Little Bucks Daycare
-Blue Paw Pet Spa
-VK Melodies
-Kombi Keg of SW Michigan
-Bucktown Accounting & Tax
-Fisher Filtration Services
-Pandora's Box Studio
-Accounting Services

Building 324 Logo Mail

-Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce
-Buchanan-Galien Lions Club
-Fellows Counseling & Wellness
-Types & Symbols
-Snyder Therapy & Wellness
-Signal & Communications Associates


We help local small businesses get their first start. Entrepreneurship is our thing. We help individuals find a space that works for them to startup their business either for the first time or their first location outside of their home.